AaronRoth:Prelab 0

Aaron Roth

This is Prelab 0 Part 0

This is Prelab 0 Part 0.0

Shall we have a third subheading?

YES we shall have a third subheading

perhaps on to the rest of the assignment?

sounds good

Some interesting things:

  • A person will, on average, eat 8 spiders in their sleep per year.
  • Penn rocks
  • pressing return when writing a list automatically enters a new asterisk for me
    • not bad not bad computer!
  • You can't lick your elbow. But one time, on WipeOut, I saw a contestant do it.
  • I can talk about LOST or the Middle East for hours and hours at a time.
    • Both of these are also things which coincidentally, a lot of people don't understand.
    • If anyone wants to rewatch any LOST episodes, I'm up for it. Season 2 opening episodes, anyone? Season 4 episode 5 ("the Constant" with Desmond!) anyone? Season 3 finale?

Hey dawgs, come check out my user page
Hey I'm on the team page now

Hey anyone want to see a website I worked on a couple of years ago? Okay WikiStory