C.6) Draft Technical Report

Assignment: Draft Technical Report (G=0.1)

Write up the draft of the final technical report. This draft should include complete final versions of sections devoted to problem formulation, literature review and methods. It should include draft sections on experimental results presenting the names and presenting (in the worst case, merely describing) the roughly predicted contents of each graph or figure that will appear in the final report. It should conclude with a status report on group progress with experiments.


Your group is now ready to anticipate how the complete report will turn out by writing up an initial prospective draft. This draft incorporates all the past feedback you have received from past reviews and critiques (C.2, C.3, C.5) and corrects the anticipated methods and instrumentation, C.5, with the real versions actually implemented in your lab work.

Moreover, the draft incorporates a sample of the analytical methods applied to preview data (possibly “invented data” – with plainly visible disclaimers marking apart the practice data from what you will submit subsequently after your experimental work has finished).

Evaluation Rubric

Final Draft of Prior Written Materials

C.6.1) Revised Problem Statement

Rewritten version of C.3) as updated in C.5.1) taking into account the feedback from TCP-Fellow and Instructor. This material should now be of final draft quality.

C.6.2) Revised Literature Review

Rewritten version of C.3.7) and C.3.8) updated for relevance to the specific, final problem statement and hypothesis articulated in C.5.1) taking into account the feedback from TCP-Fellow and Instructor. Recall that this will require a rework of the annotations developed in C.2.6) - C.2.9): in some rare situations, the literature search and annotations you already developed in your individual work or in the group process for C.3) or C.6) will still be relevant, but in most cases the project definition and scope will have shifted far enough away from the original notions that a new set of high quality references from biology and robotics will be required.

This annotated bibliography will appear as an appendix in your final written report, thus should have its own independent section just prior to the list of references on the web site where the draft is assembled. The list of references should use the standard class wiki bibliographical database you've learned how to use as documented in the relevant help pages.

C.6.3) Revised Methods and Setup

Rewritten version of the methods components of C.5), namely: a revised statement of the scientific, mathematical, or statistical methods from C.5.3), the setup details from C.5.4), and the type of data and methods of processing it from C.5.7) and C.5.8). Again these presentations should all be in final form taking into account the feedback from Class TA and the growing experience base from the lab work.

Initial Draft of Experimental Results

C.6.4) Status Report of Progress

A summary of your work developing your setup and data processing infrastructure along with an appraisal and more realistic revision of the operational plans for both the experiments as well as the data analysis.

C.6.5) Draft Results Section of Technical Report

This is a detailed outline anticipating the nature of your results (obviously, not yet the specifics of the outcomes since you are in the middle of finding them) and formulating the manner in which you will communicate them. All data tables you anticipate presenting should be named and included in this draft, with rows and columns named as well. Similarly, any figures should be named and physical placeholders in the draft document should entered with draft captions. In particular, all graphs should have their axes identified and labeled including physical units. The accompanying text should indicate - at least in telegraphic manner - the rationale for including each of the proposed tables, figures, and graphs.

Submission to Class Wiki

  • Submission of Draft to Class Wiki: 04/08
  • Draft graded by combination of course instructor and lab TA
  • Graded Draft emailed back: 04/19