C.8) Final Project Report

Final Project Report (G=0.2)

Submit your final written report along with annotated bibliography.


This is your final document: the compilation of all earlier draft materials with the actual results of physical experiments and data analysis and a clear statement of conclusions and future work.

Evaluation Rubric

C.8.1) Introduction, Literature Review, Problem Statement, Design, Bibiliography and Citations

The final report incorporates all the past feedback you have received from past reviews and critiques (C.2, C.3, C.5) and corrects the anticipated methods and instrumentation, C.5, with the real versions actually implemented in your lab work.

Your rewritten version of C.3) should take into account the feedback from your EIC-Fellow consultation. Similarly, your rewritten version of C.5) should take into account the feedback from Lab instructor and TA as well as your growing experience base stemming from the lab work.

Your annotated bibliography at the end of the paper and citations to those entries throughout the paper should be presented in the format suggested by the EIC fellows.

C.8.2) Analysis

The final report should present clearly the nature of the mathematical modeling or statistical data analysis you developed to reach your conclusions. Numerical simulations or other analysis should be presented via completely explained tables or graphical materials that incorporate labeled axes and detailed, explanatory captions.

C.8.3) Conclusion and Meaning of the Results

The final report must offer a conclusion to the proposed hypothesis – establishing whether the results support or refute it with statements that are supported by past literature as well as the results of your empirical work and/or quantitative analysis. Summarize what your group members have learned personally and assess what possible contribution to the literature you have made.

C.9.4) Next Steps

Why might fellow scientists be interested to see your results published in a peer-reviewed venue? What more would be required to raise your work to that level of archival value? Describe a follow on study (or more than one) that is motivated by the present conclusions and that you believe would likely make a new contribution to the literature. What additional resources (beyond time) would be required to carry this out?

Submission: Due April 26

Please submit a pdf version of your report to the Digital Dropbox at the Course Blackboard site and send an email to the instructors letting us know that it is available.

We will continue to accept late reports until Tuesday, May 3rd.