Groups will author a sequence of reports that move from literature review to hypothesis formation to experimental design and implementation and finally to the production of a technical paper. All final group reports must include:

  1. some aspect of mathematical modeling and analysis
  2. some evidence of original code (either for driving the robot or analyzing the data or both), <br>and<br>
  3. a well referenced account of the relevant engineering and biological literature.

A series of warm up laboratories will be completed in the first five weeks of class. Each laboratory score will consist of a prelab, demonstration, and report grade. The prelab and lab report are individual work, while the demonstration will count as a group grade. Laboratories and report questions are meant to stimulate a creative learning process, and grading will place an emphasis on how students approach and solve the problem.

Group credit (G) will be shared equally by all members of the group and will be based upon the instructor's and TA's evaluations as well as collegial assessments. Individual credit (I) will be earned for the quality of the individual student’s written blind reviews of the (written and oral) group reports as well as a series of warm-up laboratory exercises. Various written or oral assignments that accrue credit toward these two aspects of the course will be due (almost) weekly. In addition, each Lab experiment will end with a series of competitive games. Competition credit (C) will be shared equally by all members of winning groups for various phases. The final score will be evaluated as:

TOTAL = 0.4 I + 0.5 G + 0.1 C

Due Dates and Scoring

Week Day Assignment Due Individual Score Group Score Competition
01 Jan 20 Prelab 0 -> Class Wiki 0.1
02 Jan 25 Comms-C.1 (Sources) -> Class Wiki 0.1
Jan 27 Prelab 1 -> Blackboard 0.1
Lab Report 0 -> Blackboard 0.1
Competition 1 0.15
03 Feb 01 Comms-C.2 (Annotations) -> Class Wiki 0.1
Feb 03 Prelab 2 -> Blackboard 0.1
Lab Report 1 -> Blackboard 0.1
05 Feb 15 Comms-C.3 (Formulation) -> Class Wiki 0.1
06 Feb 24 Prelab 3 -> Blackboard 0.1
Competition 2 0.45
Feb 26 Lab Report 2 -> Blackboard 0.1
07 Mar 01 Comms-C.4 (Proposal) -> Class Wiki 0.2
Mar 05 Lab Report 3 -> Blackboard 0.1
08 Mar 17 Competition 3 0.4
09 Mar 22 Comms-C.5 (Methods) -> Class Wiki 0.1
11 Apr 08 Comms-C.6 (Draft Report) -> Class Wiki 0.1
14 Apr 26 Comms-C.8 (Final Report) -> Blackboard 0.2
Apr 26 Comms-C.7 (Presentation) -> Class Wiki 0.2
Journal Entries -> Class Wiki 0.1
Total Scores 1 1 1