Account Setup


If you are not already a member, below you will see the link that will guide you for the process. You will need the permission of the administrator to activate your membership. Although e-mail notification for the administrator is activated, it may be wise to send a separate e-mail to your TA.

Creating a User Page

  • Once you've made your account, all students must make a user page.
  • On the side menu, create a new page called User:YourName.
  • This will be the first page you edit in the wiki!
  • We have a template set up to format user pages. You can see the full details of this template on the Student11:template page, but this is not necessary for now.
  • The Student11 template is used as shown below.
    • We recommend copying and pasting the code below into your user page, then adding the appropriate information.
    • Type in your real name, e-mail address (preferably the one you used to register your account), and, if you'd like, anything about yourself in the "about" section.
    • Leave c1 blank for now. Submitting a link to this section signals you've completed an assignment.
 [[include Student11:template
 |e-mail = Your e-mail adress
 |name=Your Name
 |about=Info about you
 |c1 = 
  • Once you finish entering your information, click on the "Save" button to commit the changes. You've edited your first wiki page!
  • Now, it is time to add your picture.
  • On the lower menu, click Files and click "Upload a file from your computer", select the file from the menu and upload it.
    • Note that the image is forced to have a width of 150 pixels on the template, you may need to modify your picture accordingly.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click "refresh the list".
  • Next to the image file you have just uploaded, click "options" and then, "rename" if the name of the file is different than the image url you have provided to the template.
  • Once you are done, click the refresh button a few times to make sure your picture is successfully displayed.