Team Page Setup

Team Pages

Team pages are created for organizing and archiving the progress of project groups in a more effective way. Students are expected to have links to their assignment submissions through these pages. Moreover, these pages contain links to the journals recording the progress of the projects on a regular basis.

Creating a Team Page

The naming convention for team pages uses Group as the category due to some historical reasons. Sorry for any confusion this might cause. The placeholder for a team page should have the following format:

Group: <your team name>

The details of the template for the team pages can be found in template. We recommend to copy the following piece of code and paste it to your team page:

 [[include Team11:template
 |members = Links to the user pages of all the team members. Use URL instead of internal links.
 |description=A brief project description
 |journal=Link to the page of the team under the category **journals**
 |c3 =
 |c4 = 
 |c5 =
 |c6 =
 |c7 =
 |c8 = 


The placeholder for the journal page of a team should have the following format:


Journals will be used to track group progress through the independent projects. Each group should have at least two Journal entries per week. These entries may contain:

  • A list of completed tasks since the last entry
  • Upcoming goals
  • Data from experimental trials
  • Description of concepts, progress, and process
  • Pictures and videos of your work with the robot

Note that the Journals are intended for you to describe the work that you have done, not as a venue for presenting the work itself. Therefore Journal entries should not contain:

  • Code
  • Math computation (though listing formulae may be useful)
  • Report content

Journals will be checked weekly on Sundays. Each group will receive either 0 (unsatisfactory or incomplete), 1 (posts are complete but not properly done), or 2 (Journal entry OK) points. Journal entries in total constitute 10% of your group score.