Running Your Code

By default, Junior platforms are connected to the "kodlab" network. We will use a router in the class for this purpose. Each robot boots with a different IP address. To work with and connect to the Junior robots, you must add the following lines to your /etc/hosts file. junior1 junior2 junior3 junior4

Our router does not run a dhcp server due to some issues with CETS. So, in order to connect to it, you need to set a static IP address for yourself. To avoid any future conflicts, please follow the link and secure an IP address in the list by adding your name.

To use the on-board software, connect to a given robot (example for junior1) and start the robot supervisor.

Just as a first step, you may want to ping the robot to see if it's on the network:

ping junior1

Once, you are convinced that a network connection has been established properly, you run the following lines. The password for the connection to the robot will be provided in the class:

ssh kodlab@junior1
cd xrhex_software/bin
./robot_supervisor ese313

At this point, the robot should be connected to the the Dynamism control software, and is available for use via joystick or other means of control.