Prelab 0

As you've probably noticed, the ESE313 Wiki is a large part of the course that you will be using to review and submit assignments and readings. Create an account using the instructions below, then follow our guided tour of the wiki.

  1. Read Account Setup and follow the instructions to create your own user profile. You must have your own profile to edit pages in the wiki.
  2. Return to the Home page by clicking this link or using the Navigation bar at the top of the page.
    • The Home page contains announcements, the agenda, and a wiki guide
    • Course announcements, due dates, and useful links will be put in the Announcements section as needed
    • The agenda is a summary of the class Calendar. This display should show all upcoming lecture topics and due dates.
  3. Navigate over to Lecture Notes
    • Downloadable lecture slides in either PDF or PPT form will be available on this page throughout the semester
    • If any errors are found on the slides, they will be corrected and posted here
  4. Look at the Communications section
    • Communications assignments will be available here in both Wiki and PDF form
    • PDFs will be handed out in class, but Wiki articles may be updated to have new information, guidance, or links
    • Note that all due dates are shown here as well
  5. Next we go over to the Labs
    • This page shows each lab, its Wiki article link, a brief description, and a list of all associated due dates
    • While labs are posted on the Wiki, reports and prelabs are turned in via Blackboard (unless otherwise noted)
  6. The Coursepack page is currently under construction. Hopefully we'll have more details on this soon.
  7. Team Pages is under construction as well, but will be used more in the second half of the semester when the focus is on group projects
  8. The class Calendar shows what lectures are when, all due dates, etc. It will be updated to reflect any changes discussed in class or via e-mail, so check it frequently.
  9. The Help section of the Wiki will probably be used frequently throughout the semester
    • Major help topics are presented on the main page, and we will be using the Junior Help section extensively in this lab
    • Read Wiki Syntax to complete the following exercise:

Prelab Assignment

Most prelabs will be turned in via Blackboard, but for this first one we will make a simple Wiki page to demonstrate Wiki basics. We encourage you to start this (and all) prelab early so that you can e-mail the TA if anything is keeping you from completion.

  1. Make a new wiki page titled "<yourname>: Prelab 0" of course substituting your name for <yourname>
  2. Add headings of various sizes
  3. Add one list (either bulleted or numbered)
  4. Add a link to your User page (internal link)
  5. Make a link to any external website (external link) and give it text (not just a numbered arrow)
  6. You've finished your page! Now we'll submit it.
    1. Navigate to your User page (you can use the link at the very top of the screen)
    2. Edit your User page
    3. Within the template include, add the line |prelab0=
    4. Follow this with a link to the page you just created, so now the last line within the include looks like
          |prelab0=[[[<yourname>: Prelab 0]]]

This is how we will submit wiki assignments throughout the semester. You will make a link like this one on your user page to communicate that you have completed the assignment.