In this prelab exercise, the main focus is to have a brainstorming session on how to accomplish turn-in-place and steering by modifying the alternating tripod gait students implemented in the former experiment.

Task: In the previous lab experiment, we focused on four different parameters that describe a clock-driven control scheme used for an alternating tripod gait. For both turning in place and steering problems, come up with ideas focusing on modifying the Buehler clock in a simple way, and yet, resulting in the desired behavior. You are allowed to use the papers provided in the introduction or search the literature yourself. You are allowed to work on your own simulation in your favorite scripting language. You are not allowed to talk to a KodLab member or watch the RHex platform performing turning in place and steering.

Write down a short pdf file that discusses both scenarios and proposes possible solutions for each case. Provide any reference, simulation result, theoretical reasoning, etc. behind your proposed solution.