Rules And Guidelines


Each lab has three graded components: a prelab, a demonstration, and a report.


Prelabs are short assignments intended to prepare students for an upcoming lab. They may include readings, drawing out diagrams, writing down initial ideas or approaches, open-ended questions, or administrative tasks to be completed before the lab.

  • Individual work, 10-20% of lab grade
  • Will usually be submitted via Blackboard
    • When submitting prelabs on blackboard, name the file Prelab#_LASTNAME, where # is the prelab number and LASTNAME is your last name
    • When submitting prelabs on the Wiki, instructions will be provided in the assignment


Each team must demonstrate their work on the robot to the class or lab instructor before submitting their lab reports. The entire team will receive the same grade for this task, and partial credit will be awarded in cases where the robot makes an effort towards but does not complete the task.


All the experiments apart from the 0th one will have a final competition with possibly more than one stages. For each stage, all the members of the winning team will receive the same grade.


The goal of your report is to inform readers of what you did and convince them of any conclusions you have made. In this report, students should:

  • Write an introduction to bring the reader into the report.
  • Discuss their procedure: what data they took, why, and how?
  • Discuss their conclusions by using the hints given in the Report section of the lab assignment.
  • Write a conclusion to wrap up their ideas and present their results one last time.

The reports will be submitted via Blackboard where the file will be named as Lab#_LASTNAME, similar to the Prelab report.