Title Temporal gait parameters in the alpaca and the evolution of pacing and trotting locomotion in the Camelidae
Authors T. Pfau, E. Hinton, C. Whitehead, A. Wiktorowicz-Conroy, J. R. Hutchinson
Journal Journal of Zoology
Year 2011
URL Wiley Online Library
Annotations This reference is about the mathematical parameters which change over time that influence two types of gaits in alpacas. This makes a contribution to the fields of both gaits and gait transitions because it explores the gaits of an animal that appear to have not been previously studied and because it defines the parameters which control these gaits. This is relevant to my topic as these parameters may be mirrored in robots so that they use the same gait parameters to mimic these gaits, and, ideally, the transitions that occur between them as gait parameters change over time.