Stevens:C.1 Source Acquisition

Template - Draft 1

Evaluation Rubric

General Quality:

C.1.0) Source

Identify one recent paper relating to bioinspired robotics that stimulates your interests. Cite it appropriately, using the References format found in the Wiki.

C.1.1) Venue

Provide evidence that defends the quality of the venue(s) of the article(s) you are using to make the major claim.

C.1.2) Authors

Provide evidence that supports the reliability of the authors of the major article(s).

C.1.3) Source Identification Methods

Describe Librarian consultation on your search methods and describe your response to the advice.


In all of these categories, you are being asked to find and cite recent, high quality papers. We will interpret "recent" as meaning "being published within the last five years." However, it may often be the case that certain older papers are obviously of higher quality than anything written more recently (generally this is a sign that an area of inquiry is ripe for a new effort) and it is fine to relax the criterion of "recent" in favor of quality - so long as we can document that the older work is indeed far superior anything more recent.

C.1.4) High Quality Bioinspired Robotics Contribution

At least one high quality recent source from the bioinspired robotics literature: what is the problem or capability that animals possess with which we do not know yet how to endow our robots?

C.1.5) General Robotics Literature

Two recent Claims-Checking Quality Sources from Robotics Literature: which investigators have tried to develop the capability and why/how have they fallen short?

C.1.6) Biology Literature

Two recent Fact-Checking Quality Sources from the Biology Literature: what are the animals’ capabilities in these areas and how are they relevant to machine builders’ needs?