Part I

Introduction (initial three weeks)

Introduction to the domain of bioinspiration in engineering with a robotics focus and particular emphasis on locomotion. Familiarization with the robots (and other available equipment); learn the various associated tools. Students form groups through lab warmup exercises. Familiarization with mechanics of literature search and assessment of quality of resources.
Asssignments include sequence of pre-lab exercises and familiarization with search for technical source materials. .

Part II

Literature Search and Problem Statement (second quarter of the semester)

Commit to a specific research-style question along with a specific group of collaborators; complete the "midterm" exam by working through the prior literature and (possibly, for extra credit) posting to Wikipedia (within the university projects effort) an encyclopedia article that will eventually evolve into the "background literature" section of the final paper. Present a draft and then final version of the literature review and problem statement to the class.

Assignments include the sequence: Comms-C1 (sources), Comms-C.2 (annotations), Comms-C.3 (Written Group Formulation), and Comms-C.4 (Oral Group Proposal Presentation).

Part III

Empirical Exercise (third quarter of the semester)

Perform an original (or, possibly duplicate or augment a previously proposed) experiment and measurements with the EduBots that attempts to move ahead the frontiers of research relating to the specific research question.

Assignments include: Comms-C.5 (Group Writeup of Methods and Setup) and Comms-C.6 (Group Written Draft of Final Technical Report).

Part IV

Report Writing and Presentations (fourth quarter of the semester)

Write up the results and develop an oral presentation - both of which must be submitted to the "class conference" (on this Course Wiki where reviews and revisions can take place in private) for peer review.

Assignments include: Comms-C.7 (Group Oral Presentation), Comms-C.8. (Group Written Final Technical Report), Comms-C.9 (Iindividual written reviews) and Comms-C.10 (Individual Evaluations).